Sophie in London 1: The Voyeurs

Friday, June 17, 2011 at 6:17 PM

'Sophie in London 1: The Voyeurs' is the first sequel to 'Sophie in Paris', available from Republica Press. Set in London in 1935 (and also aboard a Zeppelin airship), this intense 5,400 word chapter is a delightfully explicit slice of group sex, in which Sophie and her lover are watched by their new friends Henri and Kathryn as they fuck exquisitely. Gorgeous mutual orgasms happen again and again as the two couples inspire each other to more and more decadence.

Here's a brief excerpt:

A glass or two of wine, and Sophie led us all up to our bedroom - a subtly lit extravaganza of silk drapes and velvet curtains, sheets of the softest cotton, a bed big enough for four should such prove necessary. Just as she had during our previous brush with voyeurism, Sophie had arranged two chairs at the foot of the bed, soft and spacious, large enough to accommodate movement should they become aroused, close enough to enable them to touch each other as they watched us, and close enough to the bed to allow them to see whatever they wished.

Henri and Kathryn each took a seat by the bed. The wine had lowered their inhibitions a little, and despite a certain nervousness that still seemed apparent, an apprehension over what lay ahead, both seemed warm and aroused as they settled into their seats. Offering each other a reassuring glance they looked to Sophie as she held my hand next to them, poised for our next move.

She spoke to them, then, quite firmly, so that no misconception could be construed.

"You are not to touch us," she told them, "We will brook no discussion about this. You do not have permission to touch us, no matter what you may see us do. You may look at us, if you wish, but you may not touch us. You may simply watch, and observe. Should you feel the need to touch yourselves, or each other, please feel free to do so, we wish you to enjoy yourselves." Sophie smiled at them, turned to me, and kissed me softly. "And now - please make yourselves comfortable in your seats, and we shall begin..."

If I felt any embarrassment at performing sexually in front of an audience, those feelings rapidly dissipated. We were stood mere inches from Henri and Kathryn - I felt sure they could almost taste us as Sophie kissed me, her kiss passionate and greedy, signalling her intent.

Her hands drifted through my hair, tugging at it gently, her lips sliding sensually across my own, her tongue slipping into my mouth, her body molding itself to mine. As I melted into her, my hands sliding down her back, over her bottom, pulling her against me, I wondered briefly how difficult this was to watch. The natural inclination when seeing a couple kissing this intimately is to look away, to be discreet - were they anticipating such passion between us?

I felt Sophie's hands move down to my shirt. She kissed me again, almost urgently, and as I responded her fingers took hold of my shirt and tugged it apart roughly, the buttons scattering onto the floor as she bared my chest, her lips sliding down to my neck, biting me.

I groaned, hearing a soft breath from Kathryn - she clearly hadn't expected such urgency. Neither had I, but I liked it, and I responded in kind. As Sophie greedily lapped at my neck, her hands sliding over my bare chest, I tugged at her dress, pulling it all the way up her thighs, my hand slipping between her legs from behind.

She wasn't wearing any panties - my fingers found soft, naked skin above her stockings, the merest dusting of pubic hair, her sex warm and already wet as my fingertips pressed against it. Sophie's back was facing our voyeurs. They would be able to see my hand firmly exploring beneath her tugged up dress - perhaps even my fingers drifting over her wet sex - I heard a long, exhaled breath from Henri this time. They had clearly never seen anything like this before.

I slipped my hands up Sophie's body - I needed her naked – and I wanted our voyeurs to see her naked too, I wanted to excite them. It was time to make this a little more intense.

My hands found the straps of her dress. She kissed me again, and I tugged the straps over her shoulders, down her arms, baring her breasts. I heard Henri gasp again, moving in his seat as he watched. I kissed my way down Sophie's neck, my hands sliding over her breasts, brushing over her hardening nipples.

Sophie was breathing harder now, her body moving against mine, our lips greedily sliding together as her hand made its way down my chest, down to my crotch, rubbing me through my trousers. I felt her fingers move up to the buttons, tugging them open, pulling down my trousers and briefs in one motion, freeing my erection.

I heard a gasp from Kathryn again, watching Sophie as she wrapped her fingers around my straining cock, stroking me rhythmically, my hard penis throbbing in her hand.

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