Rough Sex

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 at 1:45 PM

Rough Sex is a 3,060 word erotic vignette in which you're taken roughly for being a bad girl: pushed over a desk, strapped down, blindfolded and used delightfully. An exquisite BDSM short story for those who prefer their erotica to be wild, filthy and intense.

Here's a brief excerpt:

You've been masturbating again without my permission - you think I don't know, but I can always tell. Your scent fills the air as I walk into the bedroom. Such a bad girl.

And you know what a slut you are - you know how much trouble you're in, you know that I've forbidden you to touch yourself when I'm not here, and you know the consequences of your actions. Perhaps you weren't expecting me to come home and discover you like this.

Though it looks pretty deliberate to me. You're showing no shame whatsoever.

Just look at you - sat there at your computer with your hand down your panties, your cunt clearly dripping wet - I can hear it as you stroke yourself, not stopping even though I've walked into the room. Just looking at me, continuing to masturbate right in front of me, challenging me - such a dirty little slut.

I think you know how bad you've been. I think you know I'm going to have to punish you.

You're looking back at me rebelliously. You know that you should submit, that you should be asking my forgiveness, begging me - but today submission doesn't seem to be something you want to give readily. As I step towards you, watching you, you smile at me wickedly, still stroking your clit in rhythmic circles, occasionally slipping your fingers into your cunt, gasping and trembling a little, then returning to the rhythm.

You know I love watching you like this, you know how much I love to watch you masturbate, how much it arouses me - but you also know that this is a direct challenge to my authority. You want things your own way.

Greedy little slut. That's not the way it's going to happen today...

The full story is available to download immediately as an e-book from for only £1.30 (approx $2.00) at the following address:


Ok, this just sounds SO hot!

I'm a sucker for anything in this sexual format!

I tend to find these are always popular ;) It's rather intense and filthy, but fun ;)

Filthy and fun. Two of my favorite words put together! =)

What happened to your site?

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