Sophie in London 1: The Voyeurs

Friday, June 17, 2011 at 6:17 PM

'Sophie in London 1: The Voyeurs' is the first sequel to 'Sophie in Paris', available from Republica Press. Set in London in 1935 (and also aboard a Zeppelin airship), this intense 5,400 word chapter is a delightfully explicit slice of group sex, in which Sophie and her lover are watched by their new friends Henri and Kathryn as they fuck exquisitely. Gorgeous mutual orgasms happen again and again as the two couples inspire each other to more and more decadence.

Here's a brief excerpt:

A glass or two of wine, and Sophie led us all up to our bedroom - a subtly lit extravaganza of silk drapes and velvet curtains, sheets of the softest cotton, a bed big enough for four should such prove necessary. Just as she had during our previous brush with voyeurism, Sophie had arranged two chairs at the foot of the bed, soft and spacious, large enough to accommodate movement should they become aroused, close enough to enable them to touch each other as they watched us, and close enough to the bed to allow them to see whatever they wished.

Henri and Kathryn each took a seat by the bed. The wine had lowered their inhibitions a little, and despite a certain nervousness that still seemed apparent, an apprehension over what lay ahead, both seemed warm and aroused as they settled into their seats. Offering each other a reassuring glance they looked to Sophie as she held my hand next to them, poised for our next move.

She spoke to them, then, quite firmly, so that no misconception could be construed.

"You are not to touch us," she told them, "We will brook no discussion about this. You do not have permission to touch us, no matter what you may see us do. You may look at us, if you wish, but you may not touch us. You may simply watch, and observe. Should you feel the need to touch yourselves, or each other, please feel free to do so, we wish you to enjoy yourselves." Sophie smiled at them, turned to me, and kissed me softly. "And now - please make yourselves comfortable in your seats, and we shall begin..."

If I felt any embarrassment at performing sexually in front of an audience, those feelings rapidly dissipated. We were stood mere inches from Henri and Kathryn - I felt sure they could almost taste us as Sophie kissed me, her kiss passionate and greedy, signalling her intent.

Her hands drifted through my hair, tugging at it gently, her lips sliding sensually across my own, her tongue slipping into my mouth, her body molding itself to mine. As I melted into her, my hands sliding down her back, over her bottom, pulling her against me, I wondered briefly how difficult this was to watch. The natural inclination when seeing a couple kissing this intimately is to look away, to be discreet - were they anticipating such passion between us?

I felt Sophie's hands move down to my shirt. She kissed me again, almost urgently, and as I responded her fingers took hold of my shirt and tugged it apart roughly, the buttons scattering onto the floor as she bared my chest, her lips sliding down to my neck, biting me.

I groaned, hearing a soft breath from Kathryn - she clearly hadn't expected such urgency. Neither had I, but I liked it, and I responded in kind. As Sophie greedily lapped at my neck, her hands sliding over my bare chest, I tugged at her dress, pulling it all the way up her thighs, my hand slipping between her legs from behind.

She wasn't wearing any panties - my fingers found soft, naked skin above her stockings, the merest dusting of pubic hair, her sex warm and already wet as my fingertips pressed against it. Sophie's back was facing our voyeurs. They would be able to see my hand firmly exploring beneath her tugged up dress - perhaps even my fingers drifting over her wet sex - I heard a long, exhaled breath from Henri this time. They had clearly never seen anything like this before.

I slipped my hands up Sophie's body - I needed her naked – and I wanted our voyeurs to see her naked too, I wanted to excite them. It was time to make this a little more intense.

My hands found the straps of her dress. She kissed me again, and I tugged the straps over her shoulders, down her arms, baring her breasts. I heard Henri gasp again, moving in his seat as he watched. I kissed my way down Sophie's neck, my hands sliding over her breasts, brushing over her hardening nipples.

Sophie was breathing harder now, her body moving against mine, our lips greedily sliding together as her hand made its way down my chest, down to my crotch, rubbing me through my trousers. I felt her fingers move up to the buttons, tugging them open, pulling down my trousers and briefs in one motion, freeing my erection.

I heard a gasp from Kathryn again, watching Sophie as she wrapped her fingers around my straining cock, stroking me rhythmically, my hard penis throbbing in her hand.

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Rough Sex

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 at 1:45 PM

Rough Sex is a 3,060 word erotic vignette in which you're taken roughly for being a bad girl: pushed over a desk, strapped down, blindfolded and used delightfully. An exquisite BDSM short story for those who prefer their erotica to be wild, filthy and intense.

Here's a brief excerpt:

You've been masturbating again without my permission - you think I don't know, but I can always tell. Your scent fills the air as I walk into the bedroom. Such a bad girl.

And you know what a slut you are - you know how much trouble you're in, you know that I've forbidden you to touch yourself when I'm not here, and you know the consequences of your actions. Perhaps you weren't expecting me to come home and discover you like this.

Though it looks pretty deliberate to me. You're showing no shame whatsoever.

Just look at you - sat there at your computer with your hand down your panties, your cunt clearly dripping wet - I can hear it as you stroke yourself, not stopping even though I've walked into the room. Just looking at me, continuing to masturbate right in front of me, challenging me - such a dirty little slut.

I think you know how bad you've been. I think you know I'm going to have to punish you.

You're looking back at me rebelliously. You know that you should submit, that you should be asking my forgiveness, begging me - but today submission doesn't seem to be something you want to give readily. As I step towards you, watching you, you smile at me wickedly, still stroking your clit in rhythmic circles, occasionally slipping your fingers into your cunt, gasping and trembling a little, then returning to the rhythm.

You know I love watching you like this, you know how much I love to watch you masturbate, how much it arouses me - but you also know that this is a direct challenge to my authority. You want things your own way.

Greedy little slut. That's not the way it's going to happen today...

The full story is available to download immediately as an e-book from for only £1.30 (approx $2.00) at the following address:

The Threesome

Monday, June 13, 2011 at 1:10 PM

The Threesome is a 4,700 word erotic vignette in which you and I share ourselves with another girl. Intense, decadent eroticism and exquisite mutual orgasms combine in this sexually explicit love letter to the pleasures of group sex.

Here's a brief excerpt:

We'd talked about her a number of times, you and I, when we'd been in bed together - she was a girl whom you knew was curious, who had admitted to you in intimate conversations, over a glass or two of wine, that she wanted to try being with another girl, that it was something she'd often thought about, often fantasised about, just as you did. You remember the delicious throb you felt between your thighs, the first time she told you that it was you she fantasised about, that she would want you to be her first...

You'd always been attracted to her - brunette, petite, delightfully attractive - you'd often found yourself wondering how she tasted, what her soft skin would feel like brushing against yours, how she'd sound when she came... it had always been a question of when, not if - it was just finding the right opportunity... and this evening, after a few drinks and some rather playful conversation, followed by a stolen kiss in the taxi back to our place, you bring her home - a gift for both of us to enjoy.

Even as the two of you walk into the hallway, smiling at me as I greet you, you leave me in no doubt as to the reason why she's with you - you smile again at me, slide your hands around her waist, push her gently against the wall, and kiss her softly, and I watch, melting, as I see her surrender to your kiss, her hands sliding up your back, running through your hair, returning your kiss passionately, your lips and tongue caressing hers, your bodies already moving together as I watch...

You break the kiss, and smile at me.

"We're going to bed... I thought you'd like to watch us... you can join us too if you like, but I'd like her to myself a little first, just for a short while...".

I smile, and follow you both into the bedroom, pulling up a chair by the bed and sitting down, relaxing, watching you both.

You know that I'm eager to join you on the bed, but I know that my patience will be rewarded... so I sit back and relax, unbuttoning my shirt, loosening my belt, watching as the two of you sit on the bed, smiling at each other.

I can see she's a little nervous - first times are never easy - but it's clear that she's intensely aroused - she wants you, but she still needs you to make the first move.

I wonder how she feels about being watched like this - she glances in my direction, and I smile at her warmly, a soft, reassuring smile, and she smiles back, turning to face you on the bed again, her fingers tracing up your arm, up over your shoulder, through your hair. Its all the encouragement you need - you pull her to you, sliding your hands around her waist, and you kiss her again, sensually, passionately, and I feel a delicious warmth spread through my body as I see her surrender to your kiss again, submitting to your touch.

I can feel myself getting hard already - there's something so intense about watching girls kissing like this, so greedily, so sensuously - but I resist touching myself yet, letting myself blend into the background, remaining quiet as I watch you both, the kiss becoming more passionate, your hands exploring each other's bodies, the sounds of your breath in the air, the bedroom already much, much warmer.

You know I'm watching - it excites you to know I'm watching you - but this kiss... this kiss is so soft, so gorgeous... you can feel yourself melting at her touch, her body soft and warm against your own.

Her nervousness is fading fast - as you push her gently onto her back, her hands slide over you, slipping down to your midriff, under your blouse, caressing your back as you move against her.

You kiss your way down her neck, nibbling gently, biting her neck playfully, and she gasps, arching up to you a little, and you slide your hand over her breast through her tight top, squeezing her breast softly as she wriggles underneath you.

You need her to be naked - you pull her back up, kissing her softly, pulling her top over her head.

She's not wearing a bra - you gasp gently as you see her small, soft breasts, her nipples already erect - she looks at you, blushing slightly, but she surrenders again as she feels your hand sliding up over her breast, stroking it softly, teasing her nipple with your fingertips.

She pulls open your blouse, and you shrug it off, unclipping your bra, letting it fall to the side of the bed, and she looks at you again, her breath trembling a little, and she kisses your neck softly, her hand finding one of your breasts, drifting across your nipple.

You gasp at the sensations, laying back onto the bed as she starts to kiss her way down your body, her tongue tracing down to your breast, taking your hard nipple into her mouth, and you groan softly, running your fingers through her hair as she sucks on you, licking greedily, her hand sliding down between your thighs, tugging up your skirt, her fingers making their way up the inside of your thighs.

I can't hold back from touching myself any more - my cock is very erect in my jeans, and I discreetly pull them down, trying not to make a sound, not wanting to distract you, my hand finding my warm erection, starting to stroke it as I watch you, masturbating deliciously.

The full story is available to download immediately as an e-book from for only £1.30 (approx $2.00) at the following address:

At the Party

At The Party is a 4,300 word erotic vignette in which you find yourself sexually seduced at a party by a mysterous stranger. As the two of you fuck exquisitely on a soft couch, you find yourselves watched by another couple, both of them equally as aroused and eager to watch you come for them... and to come for you too...

Here's a brief excerpt:

You're spending the evening at a house party being held by an acquaintance. Her home is large and vaguely gothic in style, and there are maybe fifty or sixty people here, none of whom you know very well. Some of the party attendees are couples, there's a few single people too, and there are plenty others just like you, looking for a fun night out away from partners.

It's a chance for you to have a dance or three to some good music, meet some new people, drink a little too much alcohol, flirt a lot more than you really should, and to let your hair down for the night, knowing that there's no-one here who knows you should you feel tempted to misbehave a little.

As usual at such parties, most of the guests are divided between the kitchen, where most of the booze and the food are situated, and the room where the music is playing, currently filled with twenty or thirty people having fun on the dance floor.

You've been looking at me all night, smiling at me when you catch my eye, being a little bolder than you might normally be. You're on your own tonight, you've had just the right amount to drink, and you know you'd find it very easy to give in to temptation.

You don't usually behave badly at parties, but tonight, despite yourself, you're in the mood to have fun - or at least flirt a little - and at the moment you can't seem to take your eyes off me, watching the way I move, fascinated by me as you watch me talking to my friends, your gaze roaming around my body, liking what you see, wanting to get a little closer, suddenly wondering just how I'd taste.

I haven't missed the way you're looking at me, returning the look, loving the way you're dressed: your short skirt showing off your long legs, your tight top curving temptingly around your soft breasts... and before long we're talking together in the kitchen, flirting, smiling and drinking beer, dancing to a couple of songs. When a slow tune comes on, we move in close together and sway dreamily to the music, our bodies pressed close, arms wrapped around each other.

When I brush your hair from your face and lean in gently for a kiss, you respond easily, kissing me long and slow, our lips sliding together, smooching on the dance floor, letting the rhythm of the music guide our bodies. We move against each other teasingly, each of us feeling the heat, the sensuality, of that first taste of each other's lips. As we move together, you feel my body pressing closer to yours, my hands gently drifting over your body, the rhythm of the music increasing your arousal, already wanting me, each touch, each gentle caress, turning you on more and more.

When the song ends and the music moves to a faster tempo, I suggest we move to the sitting room, halfway between the music room and the kitchen, to relax and talk for a while, taking you gently by the hand, stopping off at the kitchen first to pick up a bottle of wine.

We don't talk for long, of course. We snuggle together on the large, comfortable sofa, the lighting low, the atmosphere mellow, and despite the presence of a young couple kissing and talking quietly in the other corner of the room, we start to kiss each other again, more sensually this time, our lips sliding together, my tongue slipping into your mouth, tasting you, my fingers running through your hair softly as the kiss becomes more passionate.

Hardly aware of it happening, you find yourself laying back in the sofa, your arm pulling me in closer, my body now half across yours as we kiss more sensually. Your thighs are draped across my lap, and as you run your fingers through my hair, you feel my hand sliding slowly and teasingly up the inside of your thigh, working my way up, stroking your thigh softly as we kiss.

Forgetting where you are, your arousal increasing, you can't help opening your thighs a little - my hand slips further up, my fingers brushing slowly and teasingly along the inside of your thigh, my tongue slipping into your mouth again, as my fingers reach your panties.

You hear a whisper from the other corner of the room, and a quiet giggle, suddenly remembering we're not alone, suddenly aware of what you're doing, breaking the kiss for a moment, your fingers sliding around my wrist, stopping me from going further.

"No..." you whisper, "don't... there's other people here...". You can't believe you lost your inhibitions so easily... but already you know you'd fall again, easily, if I leaned in for another kiss.

"They're not watching..." I smile, "just lay back and enjoy this...". I kiss you again, slowly and sensually, my hand sliding back up between your legs, under your skirt, my fingers tracing their way up to the crotch of your panties. You're certain we're being watched, but already you feel yourself melting again, sliding your tongue against mine as we kiss, your heart beating a little faster as you feel my fingertips brushing across the crotch of your panties.

The full story is available to download immediately as an e-book from for only £1.30 (approx $2.00) at the following address: